Pressure Vessels

We can produce pressure vessel design packages for review and registration by ABSA.

ABSA's key activities include:

  • reviewing, accepting, and registering pressure equipment designs

  • reviewing, accepting, and registering construction procedures that relate to pressure equipment

  • issuing certificate of inspection permits for pressure equipment before the equipment is placed into service

  • ensuring that regular inspections of in-service pressure equipment are conducted

  • keeping records for pressure equipment that has been registered for use, or manufactured, in Alberta

  • examining, certifying, and registering  pressure welders and welding examiners

  • examining, certifying, and registering power engineers

  • examining, certifying, and registering pressure equipment inspectors

  • investigating accidents or unsafe conditions that involve pressure equipment

  • authorizing and monitoring, through quality management systems, organizations that have been permitted to conduct some of the activities subject to the regulations

  • conducting safety education and training.


What Is ABSA?

ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) is the pressure equipment safety authority for Alberta.

ABSA administers Alberta's pressure equipment 

safety programs under the Safety Codes Act, and 

has the authority to enforce pressure equipment 

safety as set out in the legislation


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